SHARK DIVE MAUI at The Maui Ocean Center

Maui’s best Shark Diving Tour, “SHARK DIVE MAUI” at The Maui Ocean Center.

Certified Divers scuba dive with Hawaiian sharks in a 750,000 gallon “Open Ocean” Aquarium Tank.

Ages 12 and Older, I stay by your side and photograph/video your experience swimming with the Sharks, Stingrays, Jacks, Trevally, Snapper, Puffers, Surgeonfish, and Sea Stars.

Behind the Scenes Tour, Explore the Reef on a Guided Tour for 45 Minutes of Underwater Time, enjoy the rest of the exhibits after.

Six Types of Hawaiian Sharks are represented: Tiger, Sandbar, Gray Reef, Blacktip, White Tip, and Hammerhead.

3-4 Hrs.      Certified Divers Ages 12 and Older. Viewing Guests come along too and watch through the glass!


PRIVATE RATES  $600 pp  inc. AQUARIUM FEES, T-Shirt, Private Guide/Photographer and Photo/Video Digital Gallery.

Dive Profile: Water Temp 75 in winter, 83 in summer.

Viz: 60+ feet.

Average Depth: 20 feet.

Average Bottom time: 45 minutes.

Current: none, except top current.

Procedures: Meet at Maui Ocean Center at 8am (Directions)

Enter through the Headquarters office before the aquariums open at 8am. Show dive cards and pay for tank fees. A curator guides us behind the scenes to store gear while we visit the Coral Reef Rehab Lab, take a look at the exhibit we will be diving from the viewing room and tunnel, have a dive briefing, and go to the training room for an informational video on Sharks and the Hawaiian Culture. Complete waivers and gear up into wetsuits, shorties ok, and walk up stairs to top of tank rim under the tarp structure. Gear up in your BCD and fins at the entrance over the tunnel in the corner of the tank, and while positively buoyant, slide slowly into the water trying not to disturb the fish. We then descend together and explore the display, intimately engaging close up with the sharks and other amazing fish in the tank. The curator will look for shark teeth on the bottom while a safety diver watches thru the tunnel glass to assist as needed. After posing for photos, petting the rays and possibly White Tips we slowly exit the water the same way we came in, removing our BCD first then climbing out a small swim ladder. A hot shower and towels await us, and after changing we are free to roam the rest of the Center’s exhibits, browse through the gift shop (the best on Maui), and optionally enjoy lunch at the Seascape Restaurant.

Reserve your Spot for a Unique Adventure!

Reviewed 4 days ago

Educational, safe, knowledgeable, confident, patient, caring, and then some.

If u a beginning diver, sporadic vacation diver or a dive master wanting to experience the best underwater experience Maui has to offer-BOOK Blaze as your guide!

You will feel safe and relaxed knowing you are in exceptional hands.

Additionally he is an AMAZING photographer-so u can enjoy your dive without fumbling with camera settings etc.

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