This snorkel tour begins on Wailea Beach leading out to a 5-acre coral reef.

Open to Kids, Families, Beginners, Intermediate, and Advanced Snorkelers.

Explore the Reef on a Guided Tour for an average of 1 Hour of Water Time.

Honu (Hawaiian Green Sea Turtle), Triggerfish (Humu Humu Nuku Nuku apua’a), Puhi (Eels), (Pufferfish), He’e (Octopus), (Sea Stars), Wana (Urchins), ‘Ula (Spiny Lobster), Kihi kihiki (Moorish Idol)

1-1/2 Hrs.      Ages 8 and Older. (down to 5 years old if adventurous!

PRIVATE RATES 1-3 Divers $290 pp 4 or more Divers $220 pp

OPEN GROUPS RATES $145 pp up to 6 Divers

Dive Profile: Water Temp 74 in winter, 83 in summer.

Viz: 40-100+ feet.

Average Depth: 10-30 feet.

Average Bottom time: 60 minutes.

Current: none to moderate surge depending on wind and waves.

Procedures: Size up snorkel gear at Dive Shop. Walk down path 20 yards to soft, golden sand beach entry, put on fins and mask in chest-deep water, grab scooter and go with guide out to the reef. Follow the reef contour based on conditions and abilities. Explore the reef to observe, identify, and discover the natural sea life as part of the dive. I will photograph and video your snorkel tour along the way. You are the star and I am the Paparazzi! Continue visiting the reef turning back towards shore, as battery supply demands. Walk back up path to shop, remove gear and receive a fresh towel.

Wailea Beach has a rocky lava natural jetty on the south end of the beach, which marks the beginning of a five-acre coral and lava reef. The reef starts as shallow as 8′ deep and extends to the south to 20′, mid-reef and boat moorings at 30′, and finally the north extension out to 45′ deep.

This reef is in B+ condition relative to Maui’s southern reef areas and reserves, but it suffered major damage during the 2014 coral bleaching in Hawaii. Water temperatures rose to 87 degree F.  The reef has recovered up to 30% since then. More info on bleaching can be seen in NETFLIX “Chasing Coral” a movie documenting the bleaching episode here in Hawaii and in Australia’s Great Barrier Reef.

An easy dive for beginners with minimal current and mild to medium surge, this area is home to a large number of Hawaiian green sea turtles which transit back and forth daily. Advanced divers will enjoy the relief and small canyons that maze on the south side extending to the sand and beyond to “Helmet Rock” and “The Nursery”.

This 5-acre, hard coral over lava rock reef is a favorite for divers and snorkelers.  Located off fantastic Wailea Beach, a safe and beautiful spot to spend the morning. A great representation of a variety of Hawaii’s endemic species can be observed here, Milletseed Butterflyfish, Hawaiian Dascyllus, Hawaiian Sergeant, Chocolate-dip Chromis, Hawaiian Cleaner Wrasse, Saddle Wrasse, Whitespotted Puffer, and Potter’s Angelfish. Calm and patient divers can spot these and more in many areas around the reef.

The main star is the Hawaiian Green Sea Turtle found near shore, either feeding on the algae at the rocky waterline, swimming by offshore, or wedged between rocks or sleeping in the sand. (More info on turtles here.)  Most of the turtles in South Maui are very social, and don’t mind sharing the water with friendly visitors to their ocean domain. I find a variety of ages, from around 5-6 years to very old, dinosaur-looking turtles up to 75-100 years old!

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Reviewed April 10, 2017

We went to Maui for a very short vacation late last year. I don’t know how to swim but I was determined to do something memorable and do something I haven’t done before. My husband discovered that the ‘Maui Undersea’ has a machine that can take you undersea and be able to swim with the turtle, touch Octopus, etc…. I was ecstatic. It’s the best impromptu experienced I had last year. MAUI UNDERSEA ADVENTURES Professional Instructor Blaze Anderson guide me and exceeded my expectations. I highly recommend ‘To-Do’ when going to Maui.

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