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“Tahiti” (French Polynesia proper) is a popular destination with somewhat limited lodging in the outer atolls, I thought we should get started on an itinerary.
Firstly I need to know what experiences you  are expecting/desiring.
Over water bungalows?
 How much diving?
Land exploration vs resort lounging?
Golf or other novel activities?
who will be coming along for lodging planning?
Flights fly out of LAX.
June is the beginning of dry and busy season.
There are many different ways to slice this trip, but other limitations like air and ferry travel schedules require careful planning including off-gassing for 24 hours after diving before flying. I have done lots of preemptive research and here is an outline of what I found with a few links for you to check out.
After reading many reviews the general consensus is….
Tahiti Island (Papeete) is like Oahu, good for in and out travel days, but better to head out to outer islands.
Bora Bora is like Maui as far as resorts, but limited land based activities and most expensive, popular tour is around the lagoon circling main island inside fringing reef by boat full day (can be chartered or rented).
Moorea is like Kauai with many land activities as well as excellent diving.
Fakarava is the premiere outer atoll dive site (South Pass) where the Wall of Sharks can be found and offers a few land excursions.
Rangiroa is tied, but second to Fakarava for premiere diving, but no land activities.
If we were centered 60% or more around diving and it was my personal itinerary I would fly into Tahiti and overnight at the Intercontinental Hotel Tahiti, take the ferry across to Moorea and stay at The Hilton Moorea Lagoon Resort and dive with Nemo’z Dive Center which picks up divers by boat to dive outer reef passes and spend 2 days diving and 1-2 days exploring the land (hiking, beaches etc.) then Ferry back to Tahiti and fly Air Tahiti (limited transit days) to Fakarava atoll and stay at Tetamanu Village at the southern tip. Dive and land excursion for 2-3 days, off gas 1 days then fly back to Tahiti, overnight at the Intercontinental again and fly back to the states the next day.
This can get a started and I will forward the email from the best Fakarava resort after inquiring about availability and here is a link for an ultimate dive itinerary with four islands just to explore more options.

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