Beginner Scuba Diving

Dive Briefing

Beginners ages 10 and older, learn to scuba dive.

Visit and observe sea life such as; Hawaiian Green Sea Turtles, Triggerfish, Trumpetfish, Eels, Pufferfish, and more.

Dive Profile: Water Temp 76 in winter, 83 in summer.

Viz: 40-100+ feet.

Average Depth: 15-25 feet, max 30 feet.

Average Bottom time: 60 minutes.

Current: none to moderate surge depending on wind and waves.

Procedures: Soft, golden sand beach entry, put on fins and mask in chest-deep water, kick out 20 yds and descend. Follow the reef contour 3-4 different directions based on conditions and abilities. Explore reef observing, identification, and discovery of the natural sea life are part of the dive.  Continue visiting the reef turning back towards shore.

Private Rates

Beginner Pool and SCUBA Dive Class, Ages 10 and Older.

Private Dive  $310 pp


Group Rates

Beginner Pool and SCUBA Dive Class, Ages 10 and Older.

Lecture, Pool Training, and Reef Dive.

$155 pp up to 4 person group

Reviewed March 30, 2017

We found Blaze online and signed up for our first scuba dive with our older daughter, who had done it a couple of times in Mexico. He explained everything really well and had us try the equipment in the pool before we entered the ocean. Then in the water, he found us a baby octopus and let us touch and hold it, while he took amazing pictures for us. Then we saw a speckled ray and a baby turtle in a small cave area…so beautiful, and he was a fun and helpful guide.

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