Maximize your safety, enhance your dive skills and knowledge, slow down and enjoy the ride at your pace-maximizing your bottom time. When you book a private tour expect nothing but excellent customer service without the crowds.

Explore popular dive sites by shore or boat. I love to dive with Apollo Diver Propulsion Vehicles (DPV Scooters) and really enjoy the ride!

Beginners and advanced divers are guaranteed an awesome, safe experience filled with Hawaiian hard-coral reefs, abundant sea life, and plenty of photos and video clips to share.

Most tours are arranged in the morning to get the best conditions, but afternoon dives at Mala wharf are fun, and night dives obviously need the sun to go down if you are craving extra adventure.

Call, text or email me to start planning a custom itinerary designed around your experience and desires.

Ages 10 and up are welcome to start diving today.