Maui Scuba Diving-Scooter Dives

Dive Briefing

Certified Divers, ages 12 and older, Scuba Dive while riding an electric scooter around the reef.

Honu (Hawaiian Green Sea Turtle), Triggerfish (Humu Humu Nuku Nuku apua’a), Puhi (Eels), (Pufferfish), He’e (Octopus), (Sea Stars), Wana (Urchins), ‘Ula (Spiny Lobster), Kihi kihiki (Moorish Idol)

Dive Profile: Water Temp 76 in winter, 83 in summer.   Viz: 40-100+ feet.   Average Depth: 25-50 feet deep.

Average Bottom time: 50-80 minutes.   Current: none to moderate surge depending on wind and waves.

Procedures: Maui Scuba Diving Scooter Dives begin with a briefing on equipment and procedures. The tour is on a soft, golden sand beach with a calm entry, to put on fins and mask in chest-deep water, and switch on the sea scooters. Lay forward and press the throttle button at the right thumb and away you go! Follow the reef contour for up to 5 acres of coral reef on Lava walls and boulders, based on conditions and abilities. Explore the sea observing, identifying, and discovering the natural sea life in their habitat.  Learn about behaviors and species while capturing professional photos and videos of your experience.

Private Rates

Wailea Point Scooter Dive Tour.

Certified Divers Ages 12 and Older.

1-2 Divers  $398 pp

3-4 Divers $350 pp

Group Rates

Wailea Point Scooter Dive Tour.

Certified Divers Ages 12 and Older.

$199 pp up to 4 person group

Reviewed April 10, 2017

We went to Maui for a very short vacation late last year. I don’t know how to swim but I was determined to do something memorable and do something I haven’t done before. My husband discovered that the ‘Maui Undersea’ has a machine that can take you undersea and be able to swim with the turtle, touch Octopus, etc…. I was ecstatic. It’s the best impromptu experienced I had last year. MAUI UNDERSEA ADVENTURES Professional Instructor Blaze Anderson guide me and exceeded my expectations. I highly recommend ‘To-Do’ when going to Maui.

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